USB Joysticks for Operating Heavy Machinery

Published: 05th April 2011
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USB joysticks are the main controllers while operating any type of heavy equipment. It gives various control option to the user which can help in manufacturing processes. Apart from handling machinery it can also be used to control the direction of surveillance camera. The USB joystick has various modes which can be selected for operation of heavy and light machinery. The user has freedom to operate the machine through display screen with it. Controlling a robotic vehicle is also another use of this invention. As mentioned before, it gives the user various options that can help in controlling overall movement of the machinery.

Technology in Use

Technology is developing day by day; there are various new inventions which are taking place for high end output. Conformal coating is provided to such devices as they are exposed to hazardous environments too. Working of USB joysticks has manufacturing environments involved which are full of dust and other harmful substances. To avoid rusting and damaging of internal circuits this coating is required. Even moisture can damage the working of such industrial joysticks; the user needs to be very careful while operating such equipment.

Custom Joysticks

Custom designed joysticks are also available that can be selected for high end machine operation. Custom joysticks have different specifications which are required by the host machine. Temperature control option is also given that can be selected according to requirements. Cold and hot temperature settings are available, which can help the user for operating machine in different production zones. The working environment should also be taken into consideration when designing such joysticks. If hazardous and toxic environments are anticipated then the coating and body should be rough and tough. Switch pad feature is also given which create advance control options for the user. While designing control knob different alternatives are present that can grip the operatorís hand at the time of operation. This is one of the important points that need to be checked before designing a custom joystick.

USB joysticks are creations of new technology. Controlling heavy machinery is not an easy task but with the use of such tools it is done within the blink of an eye. USB joysticks are designed to reduce the stress created when operating machines for various industrial purposes.

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